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"Summer" is a customizable and affordable unisex necklace. You receive a numbered bag composed of quality wooden and horn beads, multiform, multicolored and harmoniously selected. You put them on the black or khaki green waxed cotton cord provided and tie it. We have accompanied it with a practical sheet on which we recommend two types of knots. It's your turn !

Shipping fee included.

"Summer", a necklace to assemble yourself


    The double slipknot allows you to adjust the length according to the neckline of the top you are wearing and the style you want to achieve.

    The simple fixed knot, as its name suggests, is easy to make but does not allow length adjustment. You can still undo it, but if you cut off the protruding ends, you can only shorten it. Think about it!

    If you want the beads not to wander on the thread, you can tie a knot at each end, after the last two beads (See photo of the black cord necklace worn).

    If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us.


    Cordon NOIR : Perles bois varié, corne et graines.

    Cordon KAKI : Perles bois varié, corne et graines.

    Cordon BRUN : Perles bois varié, corne et graines.

    Cordon SABLE : Perles bois varié, corne et pâte de verre (Issus de verre recyclé).

    Cordon coton ciré.

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