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In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Despite our quality control before the sale of our jewelry, they are not immune to degradation. In order to preserve them and wear them as long as possible, here are our tips:

- Do not wear them in the shower, in the bath or at the swimming pool. Water but more specifically cosmetics or bleach may damage them.

- Beware of cosmetics and perfumes which can alter the surface of our jewelry. We therefore advise you to put them on after applying makeup or perfume.

- Do not wear them when doing sports. Perspiration, which is increasingly acidic, can damage materials.

- A jewel is a precious object that must be taken care of and separated in the evening, before sleeping. Indeed, it risks deforming without you realizing it. Our thick cotton pouches that accompany our jewelry allow you to store them neatly and protect them when you're not wearing them.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.



-The vermeil:

This 5 micron gold plating made in Paris will inevitably deteriorate over time. You will even have the impression that it blends in with the silver, all the charm of a vermeil silver jewelry.

- Jewelry with pearls:

Our natural stone beads are mounted on a special jewelry sheathed steel wire. If you do not follow our maintenance advice, the protective sheath will deteriorate, thus weakening the steel wire.

- Jewelry with leather:

Like any leather article, it is strongly recommended not to moisten them (see advice above). The leather may dry out and become brittle or rub off.


All our items are handcrafted from natural materials. Color variations are therefore possible despite our efforts to match the item presented in the store, on our social networks or on our website. Thank you for your understanding.

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