Play of shapes and light, a sober and minimalist pair of earrings, to wear separately, together, or to share.

The two semi-circles, on each of your ears, will subtly adorn your face.

A unisex model.

This new “LUNAR” collection is a tribute to the moon, a magnetic force influencing nature, our moods, illuminating our nights. A star so distant and yet so touching.

Diameter of the central circle: 8mm. Total ring diameter: 14mm. Engraved with our brand on the inside and hallmarks guaranteeing the authenticity of our 925 silver. System  hinge. Finish: shiny. Silver weight: 2.8gr

Sold in their  box with "Lunar" motif.

"Lunar" earrings


    Silver is a material that requires very little maintenance. By wearing them  will polish  of themselves, if you put them away, to prevent them  turn yellow on the surface, protect them  light in their  box.