C omposed of the new clasp named "Limpide" (4cm) fashioned in 925 silver, hallmarked with the name and logo of the brand, associated with silver beads (6mm), mounted on a high resistance cotton / nylon thread , this bracelet has been patinated and then polished in an irregular manner, giving it cachet and uniqueness.

Clasp with harmonious asymmetry, fluidity of the line, perfectly matching the roundness of the pearls and the curvature of your wrist. Depending on your desires to wear visible hook or not.

Silver weight: 13.5g. Accompanied by its silkscreened pouch.

Pearl bracelet and "limpid" clasp in patinated silver


    S - (17cm), wrist circumference of 15-16cm.

    M - (19cm), 17-18cm.

    L - (21cm), 19-20cm.



    In order to preserve the resistance of the wire as long as possible, we recommend that you do not dampen it, do not put it in direct contact with cosmetic products and remove it to sleep. Find details on our "Maintenance tips" page.