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Bracelet composed of an "Ornate" hook fashioned in silver 925, gold plated (vermeil), hallmarked with our solar cross, symbol of harmony and a red leather cord (Thick section of 3mm wide) which comes wrap three times around the wrist. The buckle is adjustable to adjust the length of plus or minus 2cm. Silver weight: 2.1g. Screen printed pocket.

Red leather bracelet and vermeil hook


    Size S: 50-52cm (adjustable slipknot) (wrist size: 14 - 15cm)

    Size M: 54-56cm (adjustable slipknot) (wrist size: 16 - 17cm)

    Size L: 58-60cm (adjustable slipknot) (wrist size: 18 - 19cm)



    Like any leather article, it is strongly recommended not to moisten it.

    It may dry out and become brittle or rub off.

    Find more details in our interview tips.

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