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THE signet ring, for its shape and not for its meaning, stripped of everything but the essential, adorn your hand (Diameter of the plate 10mm). Ring body hallmarked with two sun crosses, our emblem, symbol of harmony. In 925 silver. Weight size 60: 5g. "Mirror" polishing finish (On the 1st photo, it is the veins of the wood, the support, which are reflected on the ring. The plate is smooth, no engraving. Engraving possible, "Personalization" section on E-shop). Screen printed pocket.

The signet ring


    54 (diameter 17.2mm); 56 (dia17.8mm); 58 (dia18.5mm); 60 (dia19mm); 62 (dia19.8mm).

    To know your ring size we recommend taking a ring that you already have, the size of which is adequate and taking its inside diameter, directly or after tracing on a sheet.

    You want another size. Please consult us before ordering in our store. Thank you.

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