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Bracelet composed of a hook (1.5cm) Ornate fashioned in 925 silver, hallmarked with our solar cross, symbol of harmony, 3 faceted silver elements and lava beads (4mm) mounted on a cotton thread / high resistance nylon. The porous lava rock will absorb your scent. Silver weight: 2.1g. Screen printed pocket.

Lava pearl bracelet


    S - (17cm), wrist circumference of 15-16cm.

    M - (19cm), wrist circumference of 17-18cm.

    L - (21cm), wrist circumference of 19-20cm.


    In order to preserve the resistance of the wire as long as possible, we recommend that you do not moisten it, do not put it in direct contact with cosmetic products and remove it to sleep.

    Find details on our "Maintenance tips" page.

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