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Adjoining the shop, our showroom for the reception of our resellers and separated by a glass roof from a Norman farm, our workshop.

Light gray concrete floor, white walls, a bright space, ideal for the creation and production of our jewelry in small series and the realization of your custom orders, modification of a chain length,  a bracelet size or the adaptation of one of our rings to your finger.

This is where an Ornate jewel takes shape and  takes shape. Some pieces are modeled there and then sent to a Parisian foundry to be  reproduced then returned for  be finalized, other parts are entirely forged on site. Most jewelry techniques are implemented  depending of  technical specificities  of the piece we want to make.  

Consult us on site for:

-Realization of your  engagement rings in 925 silver and certified vermeil.

- Punching a word,  on order, only  on certain model.

-Laser engraving of your logo or drawing also possible after study of the project. S ervice  made by a craftsman  outside.

-Transformation of old jewelry after feasibility study.

A little more reading in "Télérama"

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