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Here we have tried to answer all the questions you might ask yourself about our brand and its creator. If in spite of everything you still have some, do not hesitate to contact us.  

ORNER, what is it?

It is a French jewelry brand created in 1998 in Paris (and yes already more than 20 years of experience!) By a Japanese, Hiroko Omori (<see photo).

After studying fashion in her native country, she came to discover Paris and, one thing led to another, settled there, doing style advice and then manufacturing for a former jewelry factory in the Marais district and then launched her own brand. .

During a first decade, by participating in trade shows, she became known to French and international retailers who commission her creations each season. Then opened his own Parisian boutique allowing him to design the ideal setting to receive you.


ORNER, what does that mean?

Like most of our clients, and so do we now, you will certainly pronounce ORNE'U'R, with a slight Anglo-Saxon accent, but in fact it's ORNÉ, in the infinitive, quite simply. Hiroko chose this verb to define the primary function of the jewel, that of adorning the body.

And this logo, which accompanies the brand?

It is a solar cross, an ancestral symbol in many cultures including his. Horizontality, verticality and a circle around, symbolizing harmony. We stamp it on all our creations as a certificate of authenticity.

Another smaller hallmark, a diamond, affixed to our 925 silver jewelry, is our master's mark issued by the state guaranteeing the quality of our raw material (<see photo).


ORNER jewelry, who is it for?

Hiroko does not target a specific clientele, an age group, a gender or a category of people. She rather thinks of the jewel according to what she wants to wear herself or what she would see on others, which is sometimes lacking in a woman or a man crossed to refine her look, the jewel that l 'will illuminate with subtlety and elegance.


The ORNER style?

Hiroko always wishes to combine delicacy with robustness, to merge these two energies in a single piece, a search for balance between sobriety and power.

Since the opening of our Parisian boutique, 9 years already, it is in your eyes, your words, your way of wearing our jewelry that she has learned the most to understand her own creations, to modify them, enrich them and perfect them. its aesthetic that we could now define as THE Orner style.

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